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31 May 2021

10 tips for a more ergonomic kitchen

Where do you usually gather and spend quality time with family and friends? In the kitchen of course! Since cooking and preparing meals also requires considerable time, take a moment to think about how to optimize your kitchen layout, making it more ergonomic. That’ll help you be more productive and efficient, both in terms of movement and tasks performed in the kitchen. Learn how to make your kitchen more ergonomic.



Equal distance between all 3 areas

The kitchen is made up of three main areas in terms of ergonomics: the preparation area (refrigerator), the cooking area (stove) and the washing area (sink). The most important thing to remember is that the distance between these three zones must be as equal as possible in order to maintain efficient access between them and to allow for a fluid sequence of tasks in the kitchen.



Work space near sink and stove

Maximizing counter space for food preparation is essential. In order to easily clean fruits and vegetables, it is recommended to have a spot by the sink. Once the food is cut and ready to be cooked, having uncluttered space by the stove allows for easy transfer to the pan or pot. Counter space right next to the stove also prevents having to carry heavy pots over a long distance. When taking something out of the oven, it’s also much easier to put your hot pots/dishes on a clear counter.



Customized lighting

Make sure there is appropriate lighting in your kitchen and that it is directed at every work surface so that you are efficient and comfortable. Rely on different types of lighting, some purely functional (to illuminate the work surface) and others (e.g.: suspended fixtures) acting as indirect light to create a warm atmosphere in your kitchen.



Dishwasher by the sink

Your dishwasher should be located near the sink as this will make it much easier to put dirty dishes and utensils in the dishwasher after you’re done rinsing them.



Plan a trash/recycling/composting area

Consider setting up a waste/recycling station in your kitchen. Ideally, the garbage area should be located near the work area (or sink) to avoid messes on the floor from peelings, eggshells and other waste.


Free up your counter space from small appliances

Avoid cluttering your kitchen counter with small appliances that you only use from time to time. Only keep the ones you use on a daily basis to maximize your counter space and have more room for meal preparation.


A sufficient number of electrical outlets

Do you have enough electrical outlets under your kitchen cabinets to plug your toaster, microwave and coffee maker? Make sure you have a reasonable amount, since they are very useful for plugging small appliances and charging your cell phone.


Pull-out drawers for convenient storage

When it comes to higher cabinets, consider mechanisms that allow you to open and close them effortlessly, such as sliding drawers or the Aventos mechanism, for example.


Easy-to-clean work surfaces

Unless cleaning is among your favorite pastimes, look for durable and low maintenance materials. Quartz countertops, for example, are sturdy and easy to clean.


Designs to suit your tastes

The coffee corner is your favorite place in the morning? Set up a dedicated space with a coffee machine, storage for your cups and other accessories! Make the most of your kitchen every morning!


Finally, a host of small add-ons could make your kitchen more efficient and adapted to your tastes and needs. Read our article highlighting 10 storage tips and accessories for a functional kitchen to know more.

One of the main reasons to trust experts for your kitchen renovations is the end result will live up to your expectations. If you wish to discuss your kitchen renovation project, don’t hesitate seek advice from Cuisine NewZone’s refacing specialists.


Cuisine NewZone is a local company, and our team of experts is located in different regions across Quebec. For a free quote, you can fill out an online form at or call us at 1 855 595-0505.


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It is often said that renovating a kitchen is always a nightmare. However, after our experience working with the CNZ team, we can emphatically say that this is untrue. There are exceptions.

Our sincere thanks to designer Marie-France for her willingness to listen, her ingenious ideas, and so many other contributions to the success of our project. The installers, Sébastien and Mike,...

Judith & Pierre Lesage
— Senneville, QC

Words cannot begin to express how pleased I am with my new kitchen. Thank you so much to Cuisine New Zone for transforming an outdated and run down kitchen into the kitchen of my dreams within a reasonable budget! The workmanship was impeccably done by friendly staff and within a timely manner. Nancy and Kosta made sure that they left us with glowing smiles and happy hearts.

Caroline Khawam
— I will forever refer you

Our skilled kitchen specialists will present you a wide range of models and colours in the comfort of your home! For a free consultation or for more information, please call our toll free number at 1-855-595-0505 or fill out our online quote request form.

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