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8 September 2021

How do you give your new kitchen a farmhouse style?

The farmhouse kitchen is a huge hit because it exudes a warm and welcoming country home atmosphere. It combines the purity of the contemporary style with the warmth of a real farm house. If you’ve always dreamed of renovating your kitchen and giving it this authentic charm and style, it’s important to know there are several elements that clearly define it. Let’s find out how you can create a farmhouse kitchen.



Soft colors are the way to go

There are no specific rules for colors in a farmhouse kitchen, but there are definitely some trends. Soft colors such as white, cream and light gray are the most common. A white kitchen will definitely look bright and modern. To achieve the farmhouse style in your kitchen, choose light colored countertops like white quartz. Not only is this material beautiful, but it is durable and easy to maintain.

On the other hand, black is often introduced in small doses and brings a modern touch to the room. Black fixtures, cabinet handles and accessories (e.g.: stools) will also contribute to a more sophisticated and elegant kitchen.

Source : Holly Mathis Interiors



Natural raw materials

Using wood will give your farmhouse kitchen a chic rustic touch. Wood shelves are a must for this kitchen style, as they will replace the top cabinets without compromising on storage. Showcase your tidy dishes and create a stylish and welcoming atmosphere.

Metal will also be present as a natural material in both decorative accessories and furniture. For example, you could go for hanging metal fixtures, metal supports under the wall shelves as well as kitchen stools with a metal structure.

Source : The Style Nest Blog



Shaker style cabinet doors

Shaker style cabinet doors are truly the number one choice for your farmhouse style kitchen. They feature a textured edge (mimicking a frame) with clean, straight lines and are a sure bet for a kitchen that will never go out of style.

Source : Clark and Co Homes



Wainscoted walls

A key element of the farmhouse look is to install white painted shiplap on your walls, island or even your ceiling. Depending on the effect you want to create in your kitchen, go with narrow or wide planks. White wall paneling blends seamlessly with the decor while adding depth and texture to your kitchen.

Source : Studio McGee



Mix of styles

What makes the farmhouse kitchen so charming is the seamless blend of vintage and modern (sometimes even industrial) styles. For example, on the vintage side, go with traditional metal cup handles reminiscent of old-fashioned kitchen cabinets. On the modern side, go for a brushed brass or matte black kitchen faucet with a tapered, rounded design.

Source :


In conclusion, you don’t have to put all these elements together in your kitchen to give it a farmhouse style. Some of the ones that stand out in the vast majority of kitchens are: rustic and/or modern elements and industrial inspired accents. That being said, it’s up to you to choose the ones you like best to create your dream kitchen.

By trusting your kitchen renovation to experts, you can be sure that the end result will meet your expectations. To discuss your kitchen renovation project, don’t hesitate to ask for advice from Cuisine NewZone’s refacing specialists.


Cuisine NewZone is a local company, and our team of experts is located in different regions across Quebec. For a free quote, you can fill out an online form at or call us at 1 855 595-0505.


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It is often said that renovating a kitchen is always a nightmare. However, after our experience working with the CNZ team, we can emphatically say that this is untrue. There are exceptions.

Our sincere thanks to designer Marie-France for her willingness to listen, her ingenious ideas, and so many other contributions to the success of our project. The installers, Sébastien and Mike,...

Judith & Pierre Lesage
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Words cannot begin to express how pleased I am with my new kitchen. Thank you so much to Cuisine New Zone for transforming an outdated and run down kitchen into the kitchen of my dreams within a reasonable budget! The workmanship was impeccably done by friendly staff and within a timely manner. Nancy and Kosta made sure that they left us with glowing smiles and happy hearts.

Caroline Khawam
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